API methods

Method: routes_day ( Flight schedule for a selected day )

Returns a list of the bunches of cities, the routes and prices accessible on them
For the work with this method the API access key is required.

For example:

Acceptable parameters:

keycharAPI access key
crccharUnits of money ( eur, uah, auto – default route value )
dateDD-MM-YYYYDate (ISO 8601)

Return values:

from-toarrayCity of departure – City of arrival

Unique identifier ( id ) of flight
pricedoublePrice of ticket
currencycharUnit of money ( EUR, UAH, PLN )
freeintNumber of free seats
errorintCode of error ( 0 – no error, 1 – incorrect API access key, 104 – the date does not correspond with the format of is less that the current date )

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