If you have a ticket with an open date: Use the button to set the date for the return trip.

API methods

Method: order_ticket_cancel ( Cancel of ticket )

Cancels the order for one /several passengers by number/numbers of tickets, at least one passenger must remain in the order.
For the work with this method the API access key is required.

For example:

Acceptable parameters:

keycharAPI access key
hashcharHash key of order
ticketscharNumbers of tickets through comma

Return values:

statusintStatus ( 1 –the ticket is found, 0 – the ticket is not found )
canceledintNumber of tickets cancelled
statusbooleanStatus of fulfillment of operation ( 1 – fulfilled, all found tickets are cancelled, , 0 – not fulfilled, all tickets are not cancelled )
errorintCode of error ( 0 – no mistake, 1 – incorrect API access key, 301 – order with the specified hash key is not found, 303 - no cancellation tickets found, 304 - no passengers remain in the booking )

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