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API methods

General Information

eclub API is an instrument that will enable your Site or application to interact with us in a real time-environment.

Thanks to it you can:
  • Obtain information about countries and cities between which we have flights;
  • Book passengers for a flight;
  • Confirm/cancel the booking (order);
  • Track the status of previously placed orders.


The data are received and sent only in the UTF-8 encoding.


With the course of time both a list of requests and their structures with a structure of answers may be changed.
To ensure that a desired version of the API is used, you must submit the version in a request string.
As a result the request must look like this: //

In case the version is not sent correctly, the answer will be returned in the format described in the latest stable version of the API — v1.

Format of answer

The API accepts and returns the results of requests in the json format.
In order to receive an answer from the server in a certain format, in the resource path after the section with the version of API you must specify the format of the answer:

If the format of the resource path is not correct, the response will be returned in the default format — JSON.


In order to receive an answer from the server for which the API access key is required, you must specify this key in the resource path after the section with the response format:[API key]/
The same key can be submitted in the parameter line, for example:[API key]

In the following examples, for convenience, the test key: test0api0key will be used.

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