* A ticket with an open date is valid 6 months from the date of the first departure for this ticket

Services / Insurance and Paperwork for embassy.

You can purchase a policy of voluntary insurance of medical expenses for the travel, as well as arrange car insurance for the Green Card System, in our office.
Cost of health insurance for traveling abroad.
(Insurance amount EUR 30 000, policies are accepted by all embassies)
Number of days Price in Euro Price in Hryvnas
10 days 3.5 35
15 days 5 52
20 days 7 70
30 days 10 108
60 days 20 210
90 days 31 313
*For insurance policy international passport is required.
* Assistance Company "Coris International"
Car Insurance by Green Card.
To insure your car are required:
  • Statement
  • Driver's license
  • Civil passport and ID code
  • Technical passport (or other document that can prove your right to possession or use of a vehicle).
Assistance in making paperwork for visa application.
Experienced managers of our company will help you to prepare documents for submission to the Consulate of Germany and Austria. We provide you with a list of documents required, will help to arrange properly online or customary application, make translation of documents, issue an insurance policy. In case of failure of a visa, our experts will advise you how to draw an appeal.

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