* A ticket with an open date is valid 6 months from the date of the first departure for this ticket

Services / Luggage

Luggage transportation
Ticket price includes 2 standard pieces 80 * 40 * 40, weighing up to 40 kg.
Excess luggage is charged 1.5 euro for every extra kg. Extra volume, exceeding the norm, is also charged.
You are forbidden to carry:
  • alcohol, more than 1 liter per person;
  • tobacco products, more than 2 packs per person;
  • caviar, more than 1 can per person;
  • flammable and explosive substances;
  • meat and dairy products;
  • animals without proper documents and cage;
  • objects of cultural, artistic or historical value without proper authorization;
  • Consignment.
Transportation of pets
Company has the right to decide on the carriage of passengers with pets, at its discretion. In case of positive decision, the client buys for his pet a separate place with 20% discount. All necessary documents are strictly required.
For more advice you can get from our managers by phone.

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